Fusion Teams

2015-2016 FUSION TEAMS

Did you miss Fusion tryouts? Are you still looking for a team? Specific team positions may still be available for your age group. Please contact the designated trainer below to schedule a tryout. Click the link below.

Girls Teams


U11 Girls (Div 2)          Fusion 05              Coach Paula

U13 Girls (Super 2)     Fusion 03 Blue      Coach Roy

U15 Girls (Div 2)          Fusion 01 Blue     Coach Manuel

U17 Girls (Div 2)          Fusion 99 Blue     Coach Armando

Boys Teams

U11 Boys (Div 2)          Fusion 05 Blue     Coach John

U12 Boys (Div 2)          Fusion 04 Blue     Coach John

U13 Boys (Div 2)          Fusion 03 Blue     Coach Manuel

U14 Boys (Div 1)          Fusion 02 Blue     Coach Roy

U14 Boys (Div 2)          Fusion 02 Gold     Coach Matt

U15 Boys (Div 2)          Fusion 01 Blue     Coach Matt

U17 Boys (Div 2)          Fusion 99 Blue     Coach Manuel

U18 Boys (Super 2)     Fusion 98 Blue     Coach Manuel

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