Can I send you my child's birth announcement as proof of age?

As much as I’d love to see the birth announcement, our governing organizations require that we have a copy of the official birth certificate on file. If you do not have one, you can obtain one from the Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics on their website. In fact, you may even be able to download one and then can email it directly to the Registrar at registrar@haysyouthsoccer.org.

When will the games and the practices be?
U6 and U8 also have games Saturday mornings, beginning as early as 9am and up until noon in most cases. There might be a few Sunday afternoon games. Both age groups hold one practice during the week on a weeknight.

U10 has two weeknight practices, and the games can be anywhere from 9am until 3pm, mostly on Saturday, with the occasional (very occasional) Sunday afternoon game.  Half of the games will be at HYSA and half in Lockhart.

For older age groups, the schedules depend on how many in-house teams are formed. For more specific information on age groups U12 and above, contact the Division 3 Commissioner atd3commissioner@haysyouthsoccer.org.

What does the registration fee cover?
For U5,  U6 and U8, HYSA provides a team jersey, and a medal at the end of the season. Returning players in the spring remain on the same team from the fall and retain their jersey. You just need to get a size 3 soccer ball, shin guards and cleats. Teams are being formed Feb 21st.

For U10, HYSA provides a team jersey and a medal at the end of the season, and you will need a size 4 soccer ball, shin guards and cleats. Returning players in the spring remain on the same team from the fall and retain their jersey. Teams are being formed Feb 21st.

Is the mandatory volunteer time really mandatory?
Yes! Let me repeat, YES! HYSA is entirely run, organized and maintained by parent volunteers.  Each family is required to do 4 hours of volunteering (concession or field duty) or you can opt out for $25, this is available when you register.  HYSA is privately owned and receives NO FUNDING from the city, county or state. The people who mow the fields? They are parents. The people who edge, move dirt, put Amdro on ant hills? Parents. The board of directors, age commissioners and REC coaches?PARENTS. And these parents have children, jobs and other commitments also. HYSA tries to keep the fees as low as possible to enable more children to participate. If we contract for services, then we serve fewer children. So, roll up your sleeves, break a sweat, and lend a hand! You’ll be glad you did! Really!
  • Field Duty – Each age group will be assigned a Sunday from 4-6 during the regular season to help at the fields.  You can also volunteer anytime that fits in your schedule.  Contactfacilities@haysyouthsoccer.org for details
  • Concession Duty – Each age group will be in charge of running the concession stand during the regular season.  To fill your concession duty you can donate an item or work a two hour shift.  There will be communication about concession duty throughout the season.
Fundraiser? We have to volunteer our time AND participate in a fundraiser?
Yes again! Why? Because the cost of doing business – even a nonprofit business – does not go down. Again, in order to avoid raising fees, we need to raise more money. With the economy the way it is, business sponsorships and donations are much more conservative, so we need everyone to do their part and help us raise money so that we can maintain the facilities and even improve them. However, we also understand that the majority of our parents are working parents with multiple school-age children, and they will be hit by fundraisers and demands on their time. So we offer an opt-out option when you register. That way you don’t have to mess with selling anything (or if you’re like me, buying anything!)
I have three children playing. Are there multi-player discounts?
Not at this time. The costs per player are the same, whether they are in the same household or not – kind of like airline tickets! A seat is a seat! However, we do sympathize with the difficulty in coughing up all that registration money all at once. If you need to make payment arrangements, please contact the registrar at registrar@haysyouthsoccer.org.