Board of Directors


The Hays Youth Soccer Association (HYSA) Board of Directors is comprised of a group of dedicated volunteers. If you are interested in serving on the board in any capacity, please contact one of board members.

HYSA BOARD POSITION Board Member Term Years Term (June 1st to May 31st)
President Michael Clark 2 Year 2016-2018
Vice President Jennifer Perry 1 Year 2016-2017
Secretary Francesca Hammond 1 Year 2016-2017
Treasurer Sauni Tamez 1 Year 2016-2017
Uniforms Commissioner Chris Halenza 2 Year 2016-2018
u5 Commissioner  Ellie Warmington 1 Year 2016-2017
U6 Commissioner Ellie Warmington 1 Year 2016-2017
U8 Commissioner Meghan Barrientos 2 Year 2016-2018
U10 Commissioner Todd Niekes 1 Year 2016-2017
D3 Commissioner Cyndi Gomez 2 Year 2016-2018
Registrar Richard Saxon 2 Year 2018
Facilities Commissioner  Scott Perry 1 Year 2016-2017
Concession Commissioner Mary Sampson 2 Year 2016-2018
Sponsorship & Public Relations Commissioner 2 Year 2016-2018
Fusion Select Commissioner Amy Jaeger 2 Year 2016-2018